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Elevate customer experiences, optimize pricing strategies, and pave the way for swift and resounding success.

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Embrace innovation and navigate the digital revolution with SDG Group as your guide.

Dive into Consumer Products & Retail, an industry at the heart of a digital revolution. SDG offers opportunities to make full use of performance management, business analytics, and big data solutions to develop a competitive intelligence framework. Within the realm of Consumer Products & Retail, we place a special focus on syndicated data, forecasting, price optimization, mix optimization, and “next best action” solutions. 

The challenges presented by technology, data, analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud migration are not impediments, but rather catalysts for innovation:

Technology Revolution

Adapting to technological evolution is both a challenge and crucial for survival. The move towards e-commerce, mobile shopping, and augmented reality technologies requires agile adaptation. Legacy and new technologies must integrate smoothly to satisfy digital consumers.

SDG Group offers specialized consulting to help Consumer Products & Retail organizations seamlessly integrate legacy systems with new technologies, leveraging data, analytics, and AI for enhanced operational efficiency and consumer satisfaction.

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Data-Driven Dilemmas

The era of big data has ushered in unprecedented opportunities for personalized consumer experiences and targeted marketing. However, the challenge lies in harnessing this wealth of data ethically, ensuring consumer privacy and navigating the intricate web of data protection regulations. 

Our team crafts tailored solutions that ethically utilize data while safeguarding consumer privacy and strictly adhering to complex data protection laws. These solutions can be leveraged to accurately predict retail trends and optimize supply chains.  

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Artificial Intelligence Integration

Deploying AI in the Consumer Products & Retail space can be a game-changer for many organizations, but it’s not without its challenges. Ensuring the responsible and unbiased use of AI algorithms, addressing customer concerns about data security, and creating seamless human-AI collaboration are all essential to building trust and staying competitive.

SDG Group leverages AI to revolutionize your consumer interactions, from chatbots and virtual assistants, to personalized recommendations and predictive analytics.

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Cloud Migration for Agility

The successful adoption of cloud technologies is a cornerstone for future-proofing operations. However, the transition to the cloud requires meticulous planning to manage data security, integrate with existing systems, and ensure a flawless customer experience. 

Our team of cloud experts empowers Consumer Products & Retail organizations to embrace cloud technology, bringing unparalleled agility, scalability, and cost efficiency.

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Ignite Your Path to Success with Us

As seasoned experts in the realm of Consumer Products & Retail, our comprehensive suite of data, analytics, and AI solutions are meticulously crafted to align with the distinct requirements and obstacles faced by your business. Our mission is to equip Consumer Products & Retail organizations with the ability to harness the power of data-driven decision-making, enabling them to streamline operations, cultivate exceptional customer experiences, and propel business growth. 

At SDG, we translate data into actionable strategies that pave the way for improved profitability and a competitive edge in the dynamic retail landscape.

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Data & Analytics

Our Data & Analytics approach equips your organization with self-service business intelligence to provide actionable insights, enhance efficiencies, and spur innovation.

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Data Strategy & Governance

Our Data Strategy & Governance solutions empower Consumer Products & Retail organizations to harness data's full potential. We help inspire and retain customer trust by ensuring the highest level of data quality, security, and compliance.

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Artificial Intelligence

Our AI services can help your organization identify purchasing patterns and trends, develop more personalized marketing and product recommendations, and reduce stock outs or overstock situations. 

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Business Insights & Performance Management

Our Business Insights & Performance Management solutions provide actionable intelligence that guides strategic decisions, such as product development, marketing strategies, and sales optimization.

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SDG Solutions for Consumer Products & Retail

Accelerating Excellence: SDG has developed industry-specific frameworks to accelerate the success of your Data, Analytics, and AI journey. These frameworks can be customized to fit your organization’s unique needs and challenges.

MODS for Retail 

MODS (Modern Optimized Data Solutions) for Retail is an accelerator framework designed to significantly reduce the time it takes to onboard, consolidate internal and third party data, and deliver actionable insights. Leveraging a modern cloud-based architecture and advanced analytics, this framework expedites the delivery of answers to key business questions facing the Consumer Products & Retail industry today.

ERP Systems to Snowflake 

SDG Group helps enterprises migrate their business-critical data from major ERP systems over to the Snowflake Data Cloud. This accelerator provides a streamlined and automated process for extracting data from various ERP modules, transforming it into an optimized format, and loading it into Snowflake for analytical workloads.




Booster was designed and built by SDG’s cloud experts to meet the needs of enterprises that want to migrate their data pipelines to the cloud, OR want to move these pipelines to a different cloud provider/hyperscaler. Booster works as a migration accelerator for ETL systems, autonomously performing all the repetitive tasks that a manual migration would require.



How We Help Our Clients

Discover real-world success stories from our clients in the Consumer Products & Retail industry.
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Discover how SDG Group helped Nestlé, aimed to improve its commercial activity through a digital transformation process.
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Business Intelligence and CPM Solution
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What Our Clients Have to Say

Discover how our solutions have transformed the landscape of Consumer Products & Retail through the voices of our satisfied clients.

"Aligned with our strategy to increase our data-driven mindset and analytics maturity, we have chosen SDG to be our BI & Data partner to build a BI & Data platform that will transform completely our analytics ecosystem across EMEA LATAM markets. SDG has very good data & analytics professionals and are committed with our transformational journey."

Retail Client Head of BI & Data
“Following the completion of these projects, the confidence we now have about our data is total and is a fundamental aspect of our business.”
Pernod Ricard Ignacio Parra, Mediterranean Head of Delivery

“The partner [SDG Group] is trained on market best practices, competent and high-quality oriented. I am fully satisfied of the collaboration and this drove my votes. The collaboration with SDG has seen us involved in various projects in the ‘Data and Analytics’ world, where we have been able to take advantage of the technical experience, but above all the process knowledge of SDG.”

Retail Client Head of Retail IT

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