About us




SDG Group is a global management consulting firm, having a leading vision in the practices of Business Analytics, Corporate Performance Management and Advanced Business Architectures.

We are specialized niche players, offering an in-depth analytics expertise and working with clients to empower their business strategy to become successful data-driven enterprises.

As a technology agnostic consultancy, SDG innovates its value proposition with cutting-edge laboratories and the development of new and outstanding technologies to transform businesses and provide the ultimate Analytics Solutions available in the market.

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The SDG Group foundation dates back to 1994. Since the first day, the business community has identified SDG as a fervent laboratory for Innovation and Development for planning and controlling methodologies and practices, as well as an emerging consulting firm focused on the design and implementation of Decision Support Systems.

Founder recognized that as DSS technology was reaching maturity and new opportunities for enabling the Business Process Reengineering, the Management Intelligence approach, was emerging.

SDG Group committed to becoming the leader in providing Business Analytics expertise through a combination of management consulting capabilities and IT skills.

This strategy was successfully executed, and new business locations were opened worldwide: Milan, Barcelona, Verona, London, Madrid, Rome, Logrono, New York, Paris, Lisbon, Cairo, Hamburg, Florence, Munich, Alger, Bogotà and Bruxelles. The SDG Group services and solutions have been progressively enriched with Social Intelligence Practices, Big Data Architecture, the most innovative Business Analytics as well as Digital Transformation Roadmaps.

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Our commitment

Tailor-made projects

Delivering customized and effective Business Analytics powered by leading-edge software technology.

Data-driven solutions

Transforming business data into strategic assets and improving business processes efficiency.


Being playing an active role in Problem Setting and Problem Solving tasks, managing and sorting out critical issues along the processes.


Developing Business Analytics & Controlling systems, which effectively support decision making process across all corporate departments.


Designing and implementing omnichannel-collaborative solutions which bring together all value chain key-players of the Extended Enterprise.

Our mission & vision


Supporting companies all along the integrated planning process.


Unleashing the full potential of data to improve decision-making.


Enabling more abilities to govern the business better.

SDG is a management consulting company, that recognizes its own core competencies in the continuous Research & Development of models and solutions aimed at improving Analytics Processes, transforming them in Key Success Factors for our clients.

We operate around the world side-by-side with our clients, inspiring innovation and supporting them to unlock their potential and hidden value by taking full advantage of the Advanced Business Analytics and Data-driven Business Models.

Our values


We help our clients make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements.
Client success
We are committed to our clients’ success as the first priority in our projects. We Work together with our clients to achieve substantial improvements that Last. We promote a framework of trust and long-term commitment to our customers, which is the foundation of a solid relationship of “partnership”.
Sustained profitability
We manage both our resources and those of our clients in a cost efficient way. We seek to maintain the maximum productivity and performance in our projects. We strive to maintain long term profitability.
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
We always seek initiatives to improve services, technologies and solutions that innovate our value proposition constantly. We lead our market with innovation. We look for people with an entrepreneurial spirit and recognize their potential of making a difference.


We attract, develop and retain exceptional people.
We hire talented people. We develop our professionals, encourage and recognize leadership and an entrepreneurial mindset. We encourage people to "shine" in their attitude, values and performance.
Integral honesty
We act with transparency. We work and ask you to work honestly. We believe in people. We are committed to making the most of corporate social responsibility, helping our society become a better world.
We work to build high-performance teams. We create a positive teamwork environment and encourage our teams to build relationships based on trust and commitment.


We are an honest, dedicated and committed team.
Responsible leadership
We lead with responsibility and willingness to cooperate. We train and build teams by setting an example. We respect our people. We help and are committed to being part of the professional development and success of our sdg consultants.
Committed to excellence
We do what we say. We are committed to creating value and delivering quality in our projects while meeting deadlines. We recognize effort.