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We are catalysts of innovation. We combine our unique approach to business challenges with the synergies and reach of a truly global firm. This is SDG Group, where the AI-driven futures we build with our clients are backed by three decades of experience in data, analytics, and business insights.

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Strategy. Decision. Governance.

SDG Group is a global management consulting firm, having a leading vision in the practices of Business Analytics, Corporate Performance Management and Advanced Business Architectures.

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Triple Expertise


The "secret sauce" of our value proposition has always been what we call our Triple Expertise. It's the unique ability to offer a balanced mix of skills, operating on three interconnected dimensions to ensure we deliver the best project for your needs. We combine business insights and acumen with technological knowledge and a partnership with the most important and innovative software providers. We also add to our portfolio cutting-edge advanced analytics & AI technologies.

As pioneers in the realm of Data, Analytics & AI consulting, we craft visionary solutions that go beyond conventional problem-solving. Our mission is to unlock the true potential of your organization by designing end-to-end solutions that are tailored to your unique business needs.

Our expertise in business-driven AI, exclusive intellectual property, and advanced intelligent automation work in harmony to illuminate actionable insights and expedite your journey towards success. Our commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive work environment not only accelerates personal growth and innovation, but also empowers every team member to shape the future of our industry, making us the go-to partner for those who aspire to lead and redefine standards of excellence. 


Our approach is founded on a partnership ethos, where we embrace your challenges as our own. By fostering close collaboration with your teams, we ensure that our cross-functional expertise and deep industry knowledge directly address your most pressing business needs. Our shared commitment allows us to bond at a foundational level, empowering your organization through expertise, insight, and transformation.


Supporting companies all along the integrated planning process.


Unleashing the full potential of data to improve decision-making.


Enabling more abilities to govern the business better.

SDG's Commitment

Tailor Made
Tailor-Made Projects

Delivering customized and effective business analytics powered by leading-edge software and technology.

Datadriven solutions
Data-Driven Solutions

Transforming business data into strategic assets and optimizing business processes.

Problem Solving

Understanding your most urgent issues, playing an active role in problem solving, and asking the right questions to sort out critical issues throughout the entire journey.

Decision-Making Support
Decision-Making Support

Developing customized, AI-backed systems and solutions to effectively support decision-making processes across all corporate departments.

Enterprise Collaboration
Enterprise Collaboration

Designing and implementing omnichannel solutions to bring together key players of the value chain.

Our History: A Data Journey of Over 30 Years.

SDG Group’s history has been marked by innovation, internationalization, and resilience since our start in 1994. From the first day, the business community has identified SDG as a fervent laboratory where business understanding and technology come together to solve critical client challenges. 
1994. SDG is born
SDG is born

Our history begins in Italy with founder Luca Quagini's vision, offering Corporate Performance Management services. Partnering with top technologies, we open offices in Milan and Verona.

1996. Market recognition
Market recognition

The market acknowledges our ability in tailoring projects using cutting-edge technologies. We receive our first award, Best Management Intelligence Project for an Italian sofa manufacturer.

Global Expansion
Our global DNA lead us to look beyond Italy and we take step towards international growth, followed by harnessing the transformative power of data, shaping our journey to date.
1998. Spain
Opening in Spain

Global footprint becomes real in Spain, a promising market at the time. We open our first office in Barcelona, and through the years Madrid, Logroño, Santiago de Compostela and Valencia will follow.

Pioneering analytics
Pioneering Analytics
As the new millenium arrives, Analytics gain momentum and our value proposition is already reflecting this milestone in the tech industry.
2008. Landing in the USA
New frontiers
10 years after our first international opening, we land in the USA. Our operations grow in Health Care and Consumer Products & Retail, with more to come.
2009. Investing in Iberia
Growing in Iberia
We further expand our presence in the Region, with the acquisition of Primal and the opening of our Portugal office, in Lisbon.
Boosting partnerships

During these years, our work with partners like Qlik or Tableau support a massive acceleration in the market and our general growth.

Big Data and ML

A revolution in Big Data and Machine Learning began in the 2000s, with exponential data growth. We adapted our offerings, paving the way for modern AI and data-driven decision-making.

Flying high

We create SDG Eagle, showcasing our ability to leverage intellectual property and innovate. This scalable framework offers a 360º view of sales, marketing, and operations performance.

Data Cloud 2
Cloud on Data & AI

In the mid 2010s, Data & AI in cloud get real. Significant tech investments opened doors for us to enhance our value proposition and assist clients with large migration projects.

Widening horizons

SDG add a key element to its global growth strategy end enters the UK market through the acquisition of Halpenfield, a data analytics consultancy established in 2004.

2020. Alten
Joining Alten Group

SDG joins Alten, a European leader in Engineering and Technology Consulting. This accelerates our ambitions and investments in Data & AI leadership and global expansion.

Being resilient

During Covid-19, we stand by our clients and the wider community. We create Docdot, a pioneering app for remote vital sign monitoring recognized by WHO as a top global healthcare innovation.

Cyborg hand finger
The AI revolution

AI is booming. With nearly 30 years in Data & Analytics, SDG leads this revolution, proven by real client projects. Continued investments mark a new maturity stage for our practices.

Market recognition
Market recognition
We are global players, and analysts like Gartner, Everest Group, and Penteo recognizes us as leaders in Data & AI, with several tech partner awards confirming this.
2024. 2000 people and brand refresh
Peaking at 2k
In our 30th year, our global team reaches 2,000 talented consultants: a diverse workforce to be significant players in the tech industry's future.

Talent and Teaming are the Core of Our Success

We are constantly growing by attracting and retaining the best talent from the market. Our customers can rely on skilled team members who are passionate about innovation and committed to our shared fundamental values.

Our Values: The Compass of Our Journey

We are a People-Focused Company, Driven by Clear Principles Reflected in our Cultural DNA

Client Success
Client Success

Our top priority is our clients' success. We collaborate closely with our clients to achieve lasting improvements and cultivate trust, ultimately laying the foundation for strong, long-term partnerships.

Sustained Profitability
Sustained Profitability

We optimize resources, ensuring cost efficiency for both ourselves and our clients while maximizing project productivity and performance. Our aim is sustained long-term profitability.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

We continuously innovate our services, technologies, and solutions to enhance the value we offer to our clients and team members. We look for people with an entrepreneurial spirit and the potential to make a difference.


We hire talent, foster leadership, and promote an entrepreneurial spirit. We encourage people to shine through their attitude, values, and performance.

Integral Honesty
Integral Honesty

We always prioritize transparency and honesty in our actions. We believe in the potential of people, commit to corporate social responsibility, and srive to create a better future for all.


We focus on building high-performance teams by fostering a positive environment and encouraging trust and commitment among team members.

Responsible Leadership
Responsible Leadership

We lead responsibly, training and building teams by example. We deeply respect our people and are committed to their professional growth and success as SDG consultants.

Committed to excellence
Committed to Excellence

We “walk the talk”, delivering on our promise of creating value and ensuring quality in our projects while meeting deadlines.

Celebrating Milestones: Real Success Stories from Our Clients

Dive into detailed case studies spotlighting clients who leveraged our solutions and expertise to unlock new levels of growth.

Success Stories
Cloud Migration for a Top 5 Global Pharmaceutical Organization
Explore the success story of a top global pharmaceutical organization's cloud migration journey. Discover how SDG Group facilitated advanced analytics and transformative strategies for innovation.
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Success Stories
Advanced Training & Enablement with Snowflake & Dataiku
A multinational pharmaceutical company was challenged with inconsistent data practices, unpredictable costs, and pressure to rapidly generate insights across 20+ brands. To address these challenges, SDG Group designed a customized training and enablement program focused on Snowflake and Dataiku.
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Success Stories
Advanced Analytics for the Prevention of Water Leaks

Discover how SDG Group helped Aqualia, a large water management company headquartered in Madrid, succeed in their Early Water Leak Detection and Addressing Project.

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Success Stories
Driving Business Analytics in the Retail Industry
Discover how SDG Group helped G-III Apparel improve its data analytics, visibility and interactivity capabilities.
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Success Stories
Self BI in the age of data management applications
Discover how SDG Group helped Generali to develop a personalized app called VitalSignsCare.
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Success Stories
From Data To Action: Engie's Data-Driven Journey Through The NuBe Project
Discover how SDG Group helped Engie, aimed to address functional and technical needs in data management, fostering a culture of data driven decision-making.
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Success Stories
Automating & Expediting Data Reporting Processes in Healthcare
Discover how SDG Group helped StationMD, who was looking for a way to make their data reporting process more efficient and expeditious.
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Success Stories
Aligning Pharmaceutical Quality Leaders to Deliver Insights and Advanced Analytics Capabilities

SDG Group delivered democratized data sets across the globe and enabled data-driven decision making for Merck’s teams, ultimately saving significant time and resources for the organization. 

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Success Stories
Perfect Store Project: Optimizing Point-of- Sale Management
Discover how SDG Group helped Nestlé, aimed to improve its commercial activity through a digital transformation process.
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Success Stories
Revolutionizing with Data Analytics
Discover how SDG Group helped Bata, translating their strategic choices into operational terms, allowing for both quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the achievement of objectives. They supported BATA's growth effective process control, ensuring that all operations were streamlined and efficient.
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