01 Maio 2024 / 01:10 PM

SDG Group Named a Leader in Everest Group’s Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services Specialists PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024

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SDG Group is pleased to announce that we have been positioned as a Leader in the 2024 edition of Everest Group’s Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services Specialists PEAK Matrix®. This recognition highlights our robust capability in delivering services that have a high, demonstrable impact on the market. 

Each year, Everest Group evaluates service providers based on their influence in the market, future outlook, technological advancements, and service competencies. As an autonomous global research firm known for its strict criteria, Everest Group's PEAK Matrix® evaluations offer thorough analysis and guidance, aiding businesses in making informed choices regarding international service providers, geographical considerations, and top-tier products and solutions.

Everest Group defines a “Leader” as an organization showcasing a holistic approach to problem-solving across interdisciplinary capabilities such as design thinking, behavioral sciences, data science, and data engineering. Leaders are also recognized as prioritizing talent development and advanced training initiatives, as well as differentiation in the market due to a focus on business impact, longevity, and high-quality solutions.

Everest Group PEAK Matrix Graph.

In the assessment, Everest Group highlights several of SDG Group’s strengths, such as strong technical capabilities, expansion of onshore capabilities, and strong partnership ecosystem. Everest Group also calls out SDG Group’s “complete and highly competitive value proposition for all data and AI fields”, which addresses most business functions, industry domains, and data and AI disciplines. 

In regards to the achievement, Vishal Gupta, Partner, says:

“SDG Group has emerged as a Leader in Everest Group’s Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services Specialists PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024. SDG Group has a strong technology partnership ecosystem, thereby providing necessary expertise and skills to execute complex Data & Analytics engagements. Its clients specifically appreciated its expertise for data engineering and management. SDG has made significant investments to expand its onshore and nearshore delivery capabilities. Beyond its core market of Continental Europe, it now has meaningful clientele and delivery capabilities in the US and UK as well.”

This placement is an incredible achievement for SDG Group as a global player in Analytics and AI, and a valuable reward for a 30-year journey as pioneers in the industry. Most of all, it recognizes our ability to make digital and AI transformation a reality for organizations in all industries. We are deeply grateful to our clients for placing their trust in us to deliver these innovative solutions, and also thankful to our team of experienced and inspired consultants for helping make this achievement a reality. 

Antonio Torrado, Partner at SDG Group, commented on the news:

"We are proud to be recognized as an industry leader in data technology and AI strategies. This achievement is the result of thirty years of continuous work, which has been characterized by constant innovation and excellent service to our clients. This recognition allows us to accelerate and drive transformation strategies in different industries, ultimately improving our vocation and commitment to service.”

SDG Group's placement in the Leader category of the 2024 edition of the PEAK Matrix® by Everest Group marks a significant milestone in our journey. As we celebrate this achievement, we remain focused on our mission of providing cutting-edge solutions and continuing our legacy of excellence and innovation. This accolade from Everest Group is a testament to our enduring dedication and a motivation for us to further our efforts in shaping the future of technology and business transformation.


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