Business Intelligence System

DHL is the global market leader of the international express and logistics industry, that specializes in providing innovative and customized solutions from a single source.
DHL's international network links more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. More than 300,000 employees are dedicated to provide fast and reliable services that exceed customers' expectations.

The ongoing development of the market and the growth in complexity of the business require a better understanding of the information system, in order to acquire the necessary knowledge for the Aviation Operation cost analysis.

SDG Consulting developed a Business Intelligence system:

  • Enabling DHL Express Europe to analyse the aviation costs for each country involved, in order to better allocate resources and manage delivery costs.
  • Providing both headquarters and subsidiaries with analytical capabilities on Aviation Linehaul Charges and CpK (cost per kilo) metrics as calculated by the cost engine. 


  • The European HQ finance team were able to reduce its response time on analytical enquiries from either top management or subsidiaries by four times: from more than one week to one day.
  • In addition, the relevant charges on CpK and linehaul charges that were simply tagged as anomalies before have then been analysed in details and led to being the evidence of either wrong business decisions of aviation network re-configuration.