We are partnering with Snowflake as they launch the Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud to bring better patient care and business results.

More than ever, Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations are facing fast-paced changes and highly regulated ecosystems. On our quest to enable them to successfully and securely unlock the power of Data & Analytics to maximize the business value, Snowflake officially announced that we are part of the selected list of Healthcare and Life Sciences Data Cloud Launch Partners.

This new collaboration will allow us to target top priority, industry-relevant use cases like patient personalization and outcome-based care.

As part of our Healthcare & Life Sciences portfolio, we are including our SDG Eagle Pharma solution which combines performance, activity, and market share data from sources such as Veeva CRM and IQVIA to better understand product and HCP level performance. As a flexible Snowflake-based solution, it can accommodate on-premise and SaaS data sources or leverage data sharing from Snowflake’s Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud. 

As Elite Service Partners and early adopters of the Snowpark Acceleration Program we are very excited to be part of this new collaboration and bring data at scale to make a difference in the Analytics ecosystem.  




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Mar 18, 2022