SDG Group, a global management consulting firm specializing in data and analytics is proud to announce a partnership with Tellius, a leading AI-driven decision intelligence platform.

Together, the partnership will combine SDG Group’s award-winning services with Tellius’ next-generation decision intelligence platform to deliver a complete end-to-end solution to organizations looking to transform and unlock the full power of their data.

With innovations in modern cloud architectures, organizations can now collect, manage, and access more data than ever before. However, much of this data still remains untapped with business teams struggling to achieve data-driven decisions and AI/ML capabilities at scale. The SDG-Tellius partnership seeks to tackle this issue by combining the industry and technical expertise of SDG with the advanced capabilities of the Tellius platform for automated generation of insights, ad hoc data exploration, and machine learning. This combination will ultimately enable clients to accelerate decision making from volumes of data and democratize AI-driven insights across the business.

Joe Elich, the Executive Manager leading the partnership for SDG Group, commented on the news: 

“We are very excited for what this partnership will bring. Across industries we are seeing business teams overwhelmed with volumes of data, often struggling to make sense of it in a timely manner. Even organizations that have invested heavily in data science are slow to realize ROI on their AI/ML efforts. The Tellius Platform platform will help bridge the gap between what the business needs, and the time and skill sets needed to get there. More importantly, this partnership will ensure organizations are able to do so in a pragmatic way, which can be scaled across departments, including sales and marketing teams, human resources and supply chain. We will be able to empower teams at every level to make the most of their data.”

Josh Peltz, SVP of Sales at Tellius, also commented:

“We’re thrilled to announce this new partnership with SDG, which will provide expertise to extend the reach of the Tellius platform to businesses across the world. As the demand for decision intelligence continues to skyrocket, we know this is the perfect time to come together with SDG to speed the journey of data to decisions for forward-looking, innovative organizations. We can’t wait to leverage this partnership to continue democratizing data-driven decision-making and making self-service analytics a reality for more businesses.”

To learn more, join us on April 5 at the SDG Headquarters in Bedminster, NJ for a hands-on workshop with Tellius: Experience the Next Generation of Business Intelligence! Click here to register.


About SDG Group

SDG Group is a global consulting firm specialized in Data & Analytics. We are committed to unlocking organizations’ potential and hidden value by offering in-depth analytics expertise that empowers our clients’ business models to become successful data-driven enterprises. Innovation is in our DNA. We constantly innovate our value proposition with cutting-edge laboratories and transformational models to provide the ultimate analytics practices and solutions.

SDG Group works on the pillars of a Triple Expertise, incorporating business process skills by domain with a technological knowledge and a partnership with the most important and innovative software providers. Our portfolio also features cutting-edge laboratories and the development of Advanced Analytics & AI technologies


About Tellius

Tellius is an AI-driven decision intelligence platform that enables anyone to get faster insights from their data. The company helps organizations across industries, including financial services, pharmaceutical and life sciences, retail, healthcare, and high technology, accelerate their journey from data to decisions by augmenting human expertise and curiosity with intelligent automation. The company’s platform combines AI- and ML-driven automation with a search interface for ad hoc exploration, allowing users to ask questions of their business data, analyze billions of records in seconds, and gain comprehensive, automated insights in a single platform. Founded in 2016, Tellius is backed by Baird Capital, Sands Capital Ventures, Grotech Ventures, and Veraz Investments.To learn more, follow Tellius on LinkedIn and Twitter, or visit

Apr 28, 2023