16 September 2020 / 10:00 PM

SDG Group partners with CIDAI to promote the adoption of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is already significant in our lives.
The challenge isn't using the technology, but understanding how to use it to promote and facilitate its adoption to generate a positive impact both economically and socially.

This is the objective with which the Center for Innovation in Data Technology and Artificial Intelligence (CIDAI) was created to be a key entity for the Catalonia.AI strategy, and has been presented this Tuesday, September 15 at an online event. The main goal is to report CIDAI's initiatives to promote the development of innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions in Catalonia and accelerate adoption by institutions and companies. 

SDG Group is participating in CIDAI as a Key Partner together with public administrations, companies, and technology centers. 

August Mabilon, Partner at SDG Group, spoke with the key partners about the challenges of adopting Artificial Intelligence and the most impacted sectors, highlighting:

"The future of organizations depends on their competence in data management. Many organizations are already differentiating themselves by personalizing customer experiences and managing operations differently, thanks to analytics and artificial intelligence. Our challenge at CIDAI is to democratize access to these tools and practices to make it easier for small and medium-sized organizations in Catalonia to adapt to this change." 

The institutional welcome was given by the General Manager of Innovation and Digital Economy of the Government of Catalonia, Daniel Marco, and the Commissioner for Digital Innovation, Electronic Administration and Good Governance of the Barcelona City Council, Michael Donaldson. 

Next, Marc Torrent, Director of CIDAI presented the main areas of action and objectives to become an international reference in research, development and applications of Artificial Intelligence at both business and social levels.

Additionally, reference personalities in innovation and Artificial Intelligence were also in attendance, such as Dr. Francisco J. Martin, co-founder, and CEO of BigML, and Lucilla Sioli, Director for Artificial Intelligence and the Digital Industry from the European Commission, who spoke about collaboration across Europe to accelerate the development of Artificial Intelligence. 


The CIDAI is the AI Digital Hub Innovation in Catalonia to promote projects and the transfer of innovative solutions in applied Artificial Intelligence.

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