At SDG Group, we have developed an end-to-end solution with the aim of providing companies with a tool we call the "Cash Flow War Room."

In times of uncertainty, understanding the duration and impact of the situation on your company becomes a challenging task to manage. This is where ensuring that liquidity remains viable to survive and safely face the "recovery phase" becomes more vital than ever.

At SDG Group, we have created a comprehensive solution with the purpose of offering companies a tool called the "Cash Flow War Room," specifically designed for Chief Financial Officers (CFOs). This solution provides a space where CFOs can create and analyze various scenarios to assess their impact on liquidity. It is a tool developed to help companies prepare for possible scenarios and contingencies, enabling them to make informed decisions.


Our SDG Cash Flow War Room Solution does not involve IT implications. It allows for top-down simulation of "what if" scenarios, facilitates the comparison of unlimited scenarios and related simulations to support the best option, and enables quick and efficient execution of a new simulation cycle.

Some of its main advantages are:

  • Simulation of cash flow scenarios based on budget data and receivables/payables information.
  • Planning based on financial drivers.
  • Generating multiple liquidity projections.
  • Possibility to automatically connect data sources and other processes.