The Data Value Ecosystem

This first eBook in our Value of Data series provides you with the keys to implementing an optimal data-driven strategy that generates value for you and your business.

The first chapter in our data journey dives deep into the evolution of the data world: from a linear value chain to a multidimensional information ecosystem. The traditional producer-consumer relationship has evolved into multiple interconnections. Where the same consumer can also be a producer of information and roles and responsibilities are intertwined.

Combine this complex and ever-changing dynamic with the need for managing data as a value-generating asset and we find ourselves with a unique challenge of creating a data-oriented culture.

Download the Data Value Ecosystem eBook and find answers to your crucial questions:

  • Why is data a valuable asset?
  • How does data add value to an organization?
  • What is the internal value of data?
  • How to define the value of data within your company strategy?
  • Who captures the value of data?

The Data Value Ecosystem