Data have become a powerful new resource for every business: real-time analysis, predictive systems, governance and lifecycle of structured and unstructured data, are the means to create value and build a competitive advantage in every business area.

In recent years the new opportunities opened by the use of the data have been theorized and discussed extensively. Now is the time to see them in action.

#dati (big) @IBM  - March 17 2015, Milan

An event that will show concretely what has been achieved, the technologies and solutions that have helped many Italian companies to obtain tangible results, which will be the future developments and, above all, how you can get the most out of Big Data to empower your business.

  • Developers / Startup: Bluemix, the platform in cloud
  • zUsers: Deepen the recent announcements of the new System z13, a platform dedicated to new workloads "business critical" that provides real-time analysis of all transactions
  • CMO / Marketing: Challenges and Evolution of Marketing: extract value from data and anticipate the path of customers

In Addition To:

  • IBM Watson Analytics: a live demo to see first hand the solution and better understand its operation
  • Verse IBM: IBM reinvents the corporate email thanks to sophisticated techniques analytics.

SDG Speaker of the day
Massimiliano Silano, COO SDG Consulting Italia: Is Big Data the End of Datawarehousing? 

Business Partner Gold Sponsors will introduce business cases focused on Big Data.

We will also have a way to figure out what are the new emerging professionals, their skills and their training with the University 'Politecnico di Milano.

After the plenary session the conversation will continue in our BP Solution Expo Sponsors and EMS IBM.


03 Mar, 2015