Data management, Decision making, Performance Management, Enterprise challenges
Algiers, November 16th, 2015

SDG Consulting Algérie, Algerian subsidiary of SDG Group, held a meeting with business leaders around data management, 
decision making and performance management. 

SDG Consulting Algérie, SAP partner, hosted an event where experts from SDG and SAP presented their company’s positioning, strategy and solutions, processes and technologies toward Algerian enterprises. SDG Consulting Algérie highlighted its expertise in terms of project management for project control and follow up, business transformation through information system, decision-making processes and governance improvement processes. In addition, solutions have been presented such as the SAP® Business One application to support different line of business, from accounting and CRM to supply chain management and purchasing as well as SAP solutions for enterprise performance management. SDG Consulting Algérie is a SAP partner authorized to resell the SAP Business One application and business intelligence solutions from SAP® BusinessObjects™ with a team of professionals, qualified around these solutions for implementation and customer support.

“Increase growth, innovate, face competition and reduce costs are constant challenges of all business leaders. 
Adopting effective tools for performance management is absolutely necessary for companies”
- Mr Djamal Eddine Bouabdallah, CEO SDG Consulting Algérie.



About SDG Consulting Algérie.
SDG Consulting Algérie is Algerian subsidiary of SDG Group, founded in 1991 in Italy, international consulting firm analytical business, management performance with proven expertise in the field of business intelligence, corporate performance management and collaborative analytical tools of the trade.

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18 Nov, 2015