Self BI in the age of Data Management applications

Volkswagen Group imports and distributes cars, spare parts and accessories for several brands and provides after-sales service for the represented brands.


Volkswagen wanted to introduce an increasingly data-driven analytical approach in its business processes and needed to convey the most relevant information easily and as quickly as possible to management, internal analysts, distributed sales force and dealers.

To do this, it has defined a multi-year BI and advanced analytics roadmap that found in SDG a reliable partner who can follow it in all the main steps: design, implementation, maintenance.


Volkswagen needed the introduction of a prescriptive CRM that could be driven by predictive models in the definition of campaigns.

Furthermore, the creation of an advanced and scalable technological architecture that could cover the information needs for the coming years by storing large amounts of internal and external data, structured and unstructured, real-time was considered a must.


First, the solution required to design the entire big data architecture on 3 different scenarios: full cloud, full on-premise, hybrid.

Data Lake has been integrated in real-time with Master Data Management. It allowed a complete management of the customer's multi-channel recognition and the control over all the consents that are released in the various touch-points.

SDG created a reporting and self-service environment dedicated to analysts from all business areas, and unique semantics for analysis dimensions, metrics and KPIs.

At last, SDG experts built up a visual management dashboard with interactive analysis of the following functional areas: sales, service, dealer performance, business management, customer experience, second-hand car.


Volkswagen management can now analyze  data autonomously without depending on the time of preparation of the data by the staff.

In addition, they may review of the Business Governance model, harmonize data models, implement a new system of data governance, review and share all semantics and documentation.

Volkswagen also have now a daily support team for corrective, adaptive and evolutionary maintenance with 5 days of 7 coverage.