Self-BI in the Age of Data Management Applications

General Insurance, an international insurance company operating in Western Europe, North America, and the Far East, holds the distinction of being the largest insurance company in Italy and the third largest in Europe in terms of turnover.



Generali Deutschland was looking for an innovative solution to service its customers, in order to allow them to self-assess their vital parameters in a cost-practical, intuitive, and effective way.

The final aim was to transform the insurance landscape, coupling Advanced Analytics with Artificial Intelligence.


To better serve their client base, they asked SDG Group to develop a personalized app called VitalSigns&Care. This personalized app measures four vital parameters for tracking health: blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, heart rate, and heart rate variability.

With the regulatory hurdles associated with the EU Digital Services Act, a robust and efficient plan of action was needed.


To answer to the need, SDG Group created VitalSign&Care starting from DocDot, the innovation project on health data analysis designed by SDG in 2020.

VitalSign&Care allowed its users to employ their smartphones’ cameras for up to 2 minutes using a technology called remote photoplethysmography.

Through light signal processing and artificial intelligence, this technology converts a smartphone camera's reflection of blood vessels under the skin into highly accurate real-time vital signs measurements.

By using remote photoplethysmography, customers can measure their blood oxygen saturation, respiration rate, and heart rate variability.

The ability to self-assess vital parameters through smartphone cameras and receive personalized care advices empowers users with additional access to a vast range of assistance and prevention services.


Thanks to its competences in Advanced Business Analytics, customized methodologies and integration systems, and processes and data in the healthcare sector, Generali can now push VitalSign&Care forward into more markets.