This last February it was celebrated the Gartner's International event in Barcelona, to which I had the pleasure of representing and to meet Rita Salam, Research VP of Gartner's BI. 
During 45 minutes interview I could confirm our strategy, organization and technological bets. The impression was very positive and of global alignment. 
I write some thoughts that have arisen from this conversation and sessions at which I could attend on February 5th and 6th:

  • The niche of BI/PM activity has been less impressed by the European crisis than other sectors related to  Information technologies. Global growth rate is around 9 %, being a sector of major stability than the others.

  •  Big service providers have orientated their strategy towards our market niche, generating significant changes in the business of professional services. The fact that SDG has a very relevant position in several countries denotes big capacities and strong value proposition and still differential value.
  • Trends for BI/PM arena for 2015 are around a new idea called "prescriptive analytics". This idea is orientate the BI services "to optimize decisions and processes" additionally to our actual BI/PM services which are called "descriptive analytics ". According to Gartner, in 2015 25 % of BI/PM's services will be framed in the predictiveanalysis, and this volume of services will mean 50 % of the value added to our clients.
  •  This change has a strong impact in software vendors and technical companies that have a long list of to-does to incorporate in their current portfolio “prescriptive capabilities” useful for the companies and working with no bugs. This is a very important challenge that can change leadership positions in the technological map, even could permit new technologies focused in predictive analytics.ù
  • The challenge for a consulting service company like SDG, is not less interesting. To be able to create a future scenario, where we help our clients to optimize decision making, a very important already-done step has been the incorporation of Industry-driven Business Unit in our organization, than permits to understand and approach better business issues. Nevertheless, in the future to follow-up the “prescriptive” trends we will have to refine strongly our business model, commercialization and main corporate processes to absorb this change.
  • The principal business schools in US already have Science education lines with specialization in  "Data Science" focused on data analytics and prediction models of information. These professional profiles already success on the labor North American market.
Mar 21, 2013