In periods of high uncertainty optimising purchasing operations becomes a critical success factor for organisations. Mitigating demand and supply risks, optimising cash flow and working capital, preserving profitability, ensuring access to key goods and services are some examples of the key business challenges organisations need to solve right now.

The SDG Group integrated planning solution allows organisations to forecast their procurement needs, using the powerful market-leading enterprise planning software of Board to facilitate the forecasting activity with native statistical algorithms and built-in workflow. 

Come and learn how you can increase your margins and optimise your cash flow, discovering how purchase planning can benefit and streamline your purchasing process.

Hear how your business can:

  • Improve and optimise your purchasing operations using business intelligence and performance management solutions
  • Leverage and maximise your organisations purchasing data
  • Improve and speed up your purchasing operations decision-making
  • Mitigate demand and supply risks, improve cash flow and increase profitability
  • Analyse, simulate, plan forecast and create, in one single platform
  • Meet our customer Acea SpA and hear how Acea SpA adopted the SDG Group Purchase Planning solution in order to improve their business processes and optimise their procurement processes