On 30th November 2011 it has been published the latest research (ref. "MarketScope for Business Intelligence and Information Management Services in Western Europe"), drawing the map and positioning European consultancy companies in the Business Intelligence and Performance Management market.

This strict selection is an update of the previous research, carried out over 3 years ago and confirms the positioning of SDG among the 27 leaders of this so dynamic market. The market scenario actually seems to find strength in the growing customer demand to overcome limited strategies aimed at the pure cost reduction and to boost business through a better understanding and management of its key drivers.

Thanks to our Management Intelligence original approach, SDG has always invested in the creation of new paradigms of data management to generate value based on key processes, through the integrated planning, demand planning, supply chain monitoring, financial intelligence and - more recently – the social intelligence for marketing. This specialization is not limited to the value proposition of BI and CPM services, but it has become over the years the actual SDG's methodology: “Competing on Analytics"!

As regards Gartner's research, I would like to highlight our customer’s rating, among the highest, received from SDG as calculated by the feedbacks in the reference survey, the so-called "RFS - Reference Feedback Score" to measure the customer’s satisfaction in terms of quality, relationship and results.

Finally, the demand emerging from the research strengthen our decision to invest in new models and solutions of Management Intelligence, enabling to manage increasingly extended architectures that include "big data", "in-memory" datawarehouse, semantic engines for "unstructured" data and social intelligence.

It is true that, unlike other competitors, we are not 10,000, even because we believe that the quality of services is the results of the high level of talents that is achieved through a serious selection path and career management. We are just over 200, we want to be twice ... but no more! On these practices, even the larger customers prefer now to look for the most specialized consultancy, in line with their own agendas and their industry needs, rather than indistinct services in outsourcing.

Thank you! If we have confirmed once again, it is mostly thanks to you and your trust in us. We are committed to deserve it. I wish you all a great 2012!

Dec 14, 2011