This recognition reflects the market leadership position achieved based on the excellence of our services and the continuous delivery of innovation in technology.

SDG Group a global consulting firm specializing in data and advanced analytics, has achieved Premier status with Snowflake across the EMEA region. This recognition demonstrates the company's dedication to delivering world-class solutions, and positions it as a leader in cloud data management and analytics.

This is an important milestone that reinforces SDG Group's impact in the EMEA region enabling it to reach all countries in the region, and is a recognition of SDG's expertise and the value that both companies bring to their customers.

"We are proud to be recognized as Snowflake's Premier Partner in the EMEA region. Undoubtedly the result of a continuous work of excellence in our services and a tireless search for innovation in the market. This recognition allows us to accelerate and drive transformation strategies in our customers throughout the region and, ultimately, improve our vocation and commitment to service. Snowflake and SDG Group have contributed greatly to the success of our clients by unlocking capabilities and driving innovative business perspectives. This recognition endorses our commitment to our clients and to Snowflake," said Antonio Torrado, partner at SDG Group.

From data architecture design and implementation services, to building AI "factories" and developing solutions across the entire data value chain, SDG Group helps clients realize business value faster with Snowflake's Data Cloud Platform which offers secure access to data, elimination of data silos and is the technology of choice for forward-thinking enterprises.



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Jul 25, 2023