Gartner Market Scope - 2013

Once again SDG has been included and evaluated from Gartner in the “Market Scope for Business Intelligence and Information Management Services in Western Europe 2013”.

This is a great result for our brand and our value proposition in front of clients and prospects and it empowers our "credibility", especially when we are bidding for big (national or international) clients.

This result is mainly due to “our special capabilities and leadership” on business consulting and advanced BI services. Gartner and clients recognizes clearly this to us…we are the smallest specialist included in this research!

Between 200 evaluated vendors, only 24 has entered the Market Scope, and no new players has entered the Market Scope towards the 2011 one. 
SDG is the smallest one in terms of turnover and the other ones are all big groups and that have big turnover and resources. Among the 13 “promising ones”…we are the 5th in terms of RFS (rating from clients), among all….we are the 11th in term of RFS.

Jul 09, 2013