It’s been an exciting month for us as we co-hosted the Data for Breakfast 2022 with Snowflake and our clients. Get the rundown on the highlights from each location and see how to transform Data Cloud into Business Value.

Princeton, NJ, USA

We had an exciting group of attendees from various industries to see how Novartis is currently using the Data Cloud technology within its organization, demonstrating the different use cases they’ve captured. A round-table discussion followed where attendees could learn more about the technology's impact and what reality the Data & Analytics landscape may be moving to in the future. Get the full story here.


Barcelona and Madrid, Spain

Along with Agbar and Seur, we demonstrated the power of the Data Cloud within their teams, explaining how to deploy the Data Cloud in their day-to-day operations, and run their business and strategy highlighting the importance of making data-driven decisions. Then, we participated in a lively round table in which attendees asked several questions about the impact of Data Cloud technology and what will be the evolution of Data & Analytics strategies in the future.


We were also in charge of the Hands-On Labs, a practical laboratory in which we demonstrate for the  attendees how to get the most out of the Snowflake Data Cloud, emphasizing some of the most differentiating features of this technology: scalability, simplicity, and, data protection techniques such as time travel, ingestion, and processing of semi-structured information and Data Marketplace. Get the full story here.


Milan, Italy

A crowded conference room for the Data for Breakfast event in Milan!
Almost 100 Business & Data leaders of large organizations had the opportunity to see how the cutting-edge technology of Snowflake Data Cloud can help businesses to face their transformation journey successfully. Thanks to the direct experience of complex corporations sucha as McDonalds and Docebo, the attendees could see in first-hand, how to extract value from data.

SDG Group led the Hands-on Lab, in which we demonstrate the power of the Snowflake Data Cloud and how to gain modern Data Governance and Security and build and drive the business forward with data. Get the full story here.


SDG Group & Snowflake Global Partnership

As an Elite Services Partner, we bring expertise in modernizing data architectures in the Data Cloud and realizing its full potential with scalable solutions. Our most recent industry-focused partnership brings better patient care and business results with the Snowflake Healthcare & Life Science Data Cloud Launch. We also actively contribute to the Snowpark Acceleration Program, which allows us to extend our solutions and incorporate AI and Machine Learning capabilities, reducing complexity and adding transformative value for our clients.


Apr 01, 2022