Join SDG Group


Even niche specialists outside the mainstream, to join us and became a valuable partner for SDG Group in its territory.

Since its establishment in 1994, the Group has increased its presence worldwide with offices over Europe, North Africa and America and, at this stage, we are conscious that a comprehensive and dynamic network of partners represents the key for a win-win development.

These are the countries on which we are first focusing our search: UNITED STATES, UK, FRANCE, LATIN AMERICA, EASTERN EUROPE.

Achieving business. Together. 

  • While maintaining your business independence and autonomy, you will be part of one of the world’s most successful organizations in the Business Analytics, therefore taking maximum advantage and benefit from our collaboration.
  • SDG Group is committed to becoming a reliable brand in your market. We think that the best combination will be achieved only thanks to the best local partners, which would represent an outstanding chance of improvement for both companies.


Should you are interested in our proposal, please do not hesitate 
to write us - - or visit this page for more informations about this topic.

We will be more than glad to discuss the key factors of a fruitful cooperation between You and SDG Group.

Oct 26, 2015