Analytics Insight magazine appointed SDG Group’s US and Canada CEO as one of the most influential leaders worldwide.

Alejandro Martínez, partner and CEO of US and Canada at SDG Group, has been awarded as one of the 10 Most Influential Analytics leaders by Analytics Insight magazine this year. 
Alejandro Martínez has been selected because of his work in “accelerating business value with cloud and AI powered data and analytics”. According to Analytics Insight, “in a data-driven society, where digital disruption has created a need for data in all aspects of our daily lives and in business, SDG Group, a Global Consulting Firm specialized in Data & Analytics, is making a transformative impact with its in-depth expertise and innovative vision”. 

Aimed at big data and analytics industry professionals, leaders, and innovators, the Analytics Insight magazine features real and timely information for this trending sector. This year, the magazine also awarded some other relevant leaders like Anand Mahurkar (Findability Sciences) or James Lancaster (Renew IT). 
Alejandro Martinez commented on the award: “It is great to receive this recognition as part of SDG Group, whose mission has been and continues to be helping companies transform their data into business decisions. We’re proud to have pursued this mission for nearly 30 years. Technology and innovation never stops, and we will continue working everyday to offer new services and capabilities that support the whole data journey. This journey spans data collection, processing, and analysis to improve business performance in all kinds of industries.”

SDG delivers value through its cutting-edge laboratories and the development of new and outstanding technologies to transform businesses and provide the best analytics solutions available in the market. Moreover, SDG Group leaders combine vision and pragmatism with continuous learning and critical thinking, leading their skilled teams to reach high results in terms of both quality and efficiency. They have a clear strategy, common vision of success, and strong management and decision-making skills, which results from years of experience in consultancy and BI services.

Alejandro Martínez joined the company in 2009 and has developed an organization which meets client’s needs with innovative technologies like AI and data analytics. He also supports global and regional clients to implement new strategies that make the most of data to improve client’s success in many different industries. Alejandro also participates as a Member of the Board of Directors in start-ups that SDG Group supports, lectures in strategy management, and speaks at industry events.
About SDG Group

SDG Group is a global consulting firm specialized in Data & Analytics. We are committed to unlocking organizations’ potential and hidden value by offering in-depth analytics expertise that empowers our clients’ business models to become successful data-driven enterprises. Innovation is in our DNA. We constantly innovate our value proposition with cutting-edge laboratories and transformational models to provide the ultimate analytics practices and solutions.

SDG Group works on the pillars of Triple Expertise, incorporating business process skills by domain with technical knowledge and partnership with the most important and innovative software providers. Our portfolio also features cutting-edge laboratories and the development of Advanced Analytics & AI technologies.

Dec 27, 2023