Advanced Training & Enablement: Snowflake & Dataiku

SDG’s client, a large multinational pharmaceutical company, was challenged with inconsistent and antiquated development practices, unpredictable costs of their supporting platforms, and a growing business need for more rapid and valuable insight generation.

To address the challenges at scale, SDG Group designed and executed a multi-pronged training and enablement program that delivered live, interactive, and reusable training across their Snowflake and Dataiku users. The program helped to advance the skills and communicate best practices for more than 600 Data Engineers, Data Scientists and Data Analysts within their global Commercial organization.

In this success story, you'll learn how this training and enablement program allowed our client to advance and automate their data ingestion, quality, engineering, and analytics processes, overall supporting change management and providing new ways to implement projects. 


Download the success story to learn more: