Driving Business Analytics in the Retail Industry 

Increasing Agility, Efficiency, Visibility, and Data Management Capabilities with G-III Apparel Group

G-III Apparel Group are global experts in the design, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of men’s and women’s clothing. G-III works with more than 30 licensed and owned brands to bring excitement and confidence to customers through the fashion they create. Prior to engaging with SDG Group, G-III’s team was challenged with issues related to data ingestion, visibility, filtering, and reporting.

In this Success Story, you'll learn how SDG leveraged Qlik’s SaaS technology to provide G-III with three major capabilities:

  1. A mobile application to access retail sales performance data in real-time, on-the-go
  2. An ATS (available-to-sell) desktop application to manage clothing inventory and movement in one place
  3. The ability to standardize and integrate data from external sources, such as retail clients


Download the Success Story to learn more: