Ashfield Engage Empowers Field Sales to Grow Market Share Based on Data

Boosting Market Share Using Data

Ashfield Engage offers commercial organizations adaptive analytics so that every decision is driven by insight, designed to maximize ROI, optimize channel engagement, and tailor execution. So, when a client came to them with a challenge to increase the market share of its prescription medicine within its short-selling cycle, Ashfield Engage responded with a data-driven approach.

They looked at data daily to validate, refine and monitor sales targeting and tactics. The insights gleaned from data were the basis of an effective partnership between Ashfield Engage and its client and ultimately enabled them to boost the market share of the product. When you fill out the form, you get an overview of the approach that drove these successful outcomes. 


Data Sharing & Collaboration

Another lesson we can take from Ashfield Engage's success is related to data as a foundation for collaboration. Today we work in a much broader ecosystem of partners and collaborators, both internally and externally.  Information can be a critical enabler to communications and planning and with the rise of innovative, cloud-based technologies there are new and secure approaches to sharing data and information.     

We see this trend growing rapidly in the market. There are examples of data-driven collaboration in Commercial, R&D, Clinical, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain.  For example, several companies share the vast amount of clinical monitoring data associated with treatments, thus reverting all that knowledge to the pharmaceutical industry, research teams, and health services, creating a direct benefit for health services, the pharmaceutical industry, and most especially for patients. Data sharing and collaboration have become a new way of engaging productively and we believe it is here to stay. 

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