Detecting hidden signals to inform smarter decisions

Natural-Language Processing (NLP) technologies involve the ability to turn text or audio - from e-mails to customer posts on social media - into encoded, structured information, that companies can use to identify customers and anticipate their needs. There’s a good chance your company is sitting on a mountain of unstructured data. This resource is extremely precious and often missed: SDG’s models can help you start with existing documents or knowledge management systems to rapidly find hidden patterns and trends.

Advanced NLP can be used to analyze natural conversations taking place on social media, transforming data in potential insights with impressive results. Today, as people are more and more connected, social media create a new information map, offering precious information that may help preempt key actions of competitors or lead to adjustments of strategy. SDG’s framework allow analysts to create dynamic maps that pinpoint where information reside and to track new data in real time.