Jun 11, 2019

Twenty-five years ago, today the 11th June of 1994, I signed our first SDG client assignment; It concerned the design, execution and change management of an integrated planning & control system for a manufacturing firm. It doesn’t sound so strange, does it?

Since the very beginning, we have been committed to developing and implementing data-driven solutions which would enable businesses to quickly make accurate decisions. In the past 25 years, the scope has dramatically evolved. Decision-making models have been decentralised and the tools available to managers have advanced, becoming increasingly pervasive. It has reached a peak with the onset of today’s so-called Digital Revolution, which is changing our way of doing business and, on a broader level, our society and lifestyle.

From e-mails to smartphones, social media and IoT, every innovation has given rise to new sources of data generating a new type of knowledge, based on the ability to best make use of the information which circulates inside and outside every organization. This is an incredibly powerful asset for businesses – if managed correctly using predictive models and Machine Learning, it can lead to oustanding results, unimaginable until a few years ago.

Such radical change calls for a new way of providing professional services. Since our very first day, we at SDG have always been ahead of the game, by seeking to explore and experiment with cutting edge technology capable of boosting firms’ business strategies and turning them into successful data-driven organisations. Over the years, we’ve also expanded our services to focus on new fields, from Cognitive Intelligence to Natural Language Processing, from Process Mining to state-of-the-art cloud architectures for Big Data management.

A distinctive and timely positioning which, thanks to a combination of management consulting expertise and specific digital skills, and a corporate culture based on solid values, has let us grow rapidly in Europe and abroad.

Today, SDG is a multinational company boasting more than 850 professionals in 20 branches worldwide. A journey made possible by the ongoing loyalty of our clients and the effort and dedication of everyone who is a part of our organisation. Day after day, we never stop learning and looking far ahead into the future with tenacity and curiosity. Just like when we signed our first client assignment 25 years ago.