It is a huge challenge to improve an organization's efficiency when it comes to performance management. Most organizations have a base-level performance management system in the technology and IT sector. For example, setting financial goals and looking into KPIs that elevate their businesses forward. Nevertheless, optimizing KPIs according to their needs can be a challenging task.

Strategically speaking, approaching performance measurement can maximize employee potential; it’s the people who power the business, accelerating a business’s growth and potential.

When employees clearly understand how they are expected to perform, and organizations actively monitor this at an individual, departmental, and organizational level, everyone involved can focus on the goals with a higher degree of precision.

SDG Integrated Planning is a performance management solution built on SAP Analytics Cloud to help you manage your business more efficiently; it supports a distributed Planning Process, centrally managed but involving different process contributors engaged in planning assumptions and business drivers to achieve specific goals and results.

The “core planning areas” of the SDG Solution are P&L, Revenues, Cogs, HR, and Opex, interconnected between them and integrated with the P&L Accounts and Profitability Planning. Each planning area allows for the definition of objectives through specific business drivers (pxq) and dimensions (customer, product, account, cost center…). 

Main Features

• Planning Income Statement Budget and Profitability starting from Operative Plans.

• Centralized in ownership but distributed in functions with solid interdependence.

• Workflow and Calendar driven.

• Multi-Entity and Group Level.

• Driver-based assumptions by Business Dimension, Statistical Algorithms.

• What if and Scenario Planning.

• Actual Data can be loaded automatically from ERP/Legacy Systems.

• No installation required.

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