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At SDG Group, innovation is the fuel that drives our value propositions in the field of Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence. Our solutions and architecture designs reflect a solid balance between the technological edge and the use of stable technologies, which has allowed us to build consistent and modern data architectures, offering complete capabilities to meet our customer’s business needs.

Databricks Freaky Friday Pills #2: DS Workspaces & Workflows

In our first story, we introduced Databricks’ Data Intelligent Platform and all its features that enable facilities to build a more than proficient ML end-to-end architecture. After reading the first article, you should have a clear vision of why Databricks extracts the best of Data Warehouses and Data Lakes to build the foundations of new Lakehouses.

Apache Spark - The Deadly Filter

Filters are arguably among the most well-known and valuable operations that can be applied to data. Filters, along with optimization techniques like predicate pushdown — which internally filters data — can significantly enhance our queries by swiftly discarding data that is no longer required in our applications.