Public Services & Utilities sector has entered today a phase of structural change: the development of energy efficiency together with the economic and financial crisis cause a significant reduction of consumption both for private and business clients.

SDG follows and supports its customers towards winning strategic choices which foresee to:

  • Invest in renewable sources of energy for greater competitiveness

  • Enhance interaction with end-users

  • Expand sales and communication channels

  • Increase the business offer with after-sales services (ex. maintenance and equipment control services).

Public Services and Utilities companies always had to face a regulatory and technical situation extremely complex and in a state of constant fluctuation. SDG Analytics solutions applied in this area of business are essential in order to control such complex flows. In addition to economic and financial control, technical measures and indicators are needed.

The richness of data sources (billing systems, trading system, ERP system, CRM systems, transactions from IPEX, EPEX, TTF, data from operators for electricity/gas transmission and from operators for electricity/gas distribution, etc.) allow to correlate and analyse various items of information, maximizing predictive and statistical capabilities, obtaining valuable prescriptive indicators.

Key Topics

Business operational control

From economic analysis to quantitative and operational performance management.

Profit margin and cost-allocation analysis for business, customer and product.

Fast Closing

Economic/Financial Planning and Forecast

Management report drafting based on specific regulations (Unbundling, Det-5 water cycle, etc.).