SDG group since its beginning has been working with the pharmaceutical and chemical industries helping in both analytical and performance management needs.

By understanding the essence of the market through a location-based vision, our professionals deal with rising complexity and emerging relationship models, determining critical success factors, responding more competitively and ensuring high levels of service.

Our ability to identify and to monitor industry-specific KPIs enables us to support our customers in medium and long-term planning, unlock resources and fuel innovation for business growth.

In 2013 SDG launched its pharma solution, sdgPharma, having proved to implement the solution in more than 50 projects. To gain and know the market trends in advance, SDG Group keeps contact with institutions such as PM Farma, Pharma Market, Cegedim and Vademecum and participate with them in events, public meetings and writing articles to develop and broadcast the best practices.

Key Topics

Sales Force

Provides an analysis and dashboarding tool for CRM and Sales data to analyze Sales Force Effectiveness


Focused on medical performance, providing CRM information to check and monitor medical activity and impacts on products and primary health care appropriateness. Similar to Sales coverage but because of compliance it will not be shown sales and campaign data

Market Access

It covers Key Account Manager (KAM) and Market Access Responsible needs. Market Access allows to follow up account plans and product phases and provides end users with the right information to manage account and promote products, that will enable creating accounts list


Answers Marketers, Product Manager, and Customer Experience Manager questions through customer journey – consider, evaluate, buy, advocate and bond -. Marketing provides CRM and Sales information that will consolidate data from different channels, analyzing social media and web analytics

Customer Services

It allows to analyze customer satisfaction from survey results and follow up Customer Service Centre effectiveness


Analyze and ease event management and allow Medical Affairs, HCBI, Sales, Market Access and Marketers to monitor performance