18 Oct, 2018

FieraMilanoCity - Milano

SAP NOW, 2018 evolution of the SAP Forum, a key event for the Italian business community, will be held on October 18th at FieraMilanoCity, Milan, Italy.

As SDG Group we are proud to be among its protagonists as a Leader Sponsor.

We will take this opportunity to tell how to master the tools of the digital revolution, supporting companies in their transformation process.

In particular, we will share our experience on how to identify the actual potential of customers by reading the data in a predictive way, how to optimize the closing processes according to data-driven models, and how to evaluate in real time the effects of price fluctuations.

These are the appointments for our presentations:

Teatro 6 - 11.15-11.40

Double Perspective Customer Evaluation: the "predictive" approach to maximizing customer value in data-driven mode.

Teatro 6 - 12.25-12.50

Analytics4CFO: quality and speed of closing processes through data science.

Stage 3 - 15.40- 16.05

Price Elasticity and ROI Baseline Evaluation for Trade Promotions: evidence from the Campari world.

Come and meet us on October 18th at SAP NOW Milan.

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SDG Group is Leader Partner of SAP NOW Milano 2018