Madrid, 15th April 2015

Quality Pascual shared with leaders from various sectors in Madrid, how the implementation of sdgEagle solution has enabled them to improve the analysis of business indicators to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace .

Specific needs:
Multiple sources of information, Internal and External

Benefits :

  • Flexible and disruptive information analysis to generate knowledge and value , improving decision -making at all levels of the organization.
  • Empowers sales teams with ease of use, performance and access via mobile devices.
  • Reduces time spent on tasks of information processing that do not add value to the business .
  • Improving the process of monitoring and detection of areas for improvement in key lever and brand customers .
  • Increase transparency in the systematic analysis of the business, improving collaboration between different profiles of the organization.
  • Optimizes the effectiveness and commercial efficiency through the anticipation of opportunities.

Presented by:

  • Roberto Escanciano , Sales Manager Iberia - Pascual Quality
  • Juan Lopez , Director ICT Services Business Processes , Pascual Quality


Breakfast meeting with Calidad Pascual

Apr 17, 2013