The ability to use state-of-the-art predictive, inferential and discovery-oriented analytics, highlighting the power of data and support practical solutions by providing meaningful insights: SDG data scientists, relying on solid statistical and simulation background, develop applications directly connected to the business needs.

The data-driven approach, empowered with the ability to understand and support the business analytics that is part of the DNA of SDG, lies at the core of our value proposition:

  • Solve complex problems asking for a data-driven approach

  • Provide clear-cut and effective data representations

  • Create the conditions to enhance the understanding of the business processes

These form a virtuous loop evolving in keeping with the changes required to sustain the business processes and the decision-making in critical situations.


Predictive & Forecasting

Our assignements are highly focused on predicting events such as redemption to a marketing campaign, churn, fraud, failures in a plant, as well as on quantitative predictions like products and power demand forecasting and supply chain operations optimization.


Streams Mining

Learn from continuously updated data, accumulate evidence for significant changes, dynamic improvement of prediction and other Real-time or Near Real-time application to solve problems like the tuning of production and power plants, adjust diagnostic and critical processes in a data-driven way.


Data Science

Solving a wide spectrum of problems: establishing the causal impact of a marketing action, evaluate the price elasticity of different products at different stores of a chain, make a quantitative condition-adjusted comparison between agents delivering the same service (branches in a network of a retail bank, hospitals, sales agents, and so on), support the definition of dynamic treatment regimes in clinical practice (personalized medicine), disentangle complex data into interpretable and actionable insight.