Visual & Search Analytics has been designed as the service center for seamless integration of diverse architectures and technologies aiming at delivery of Mobile Intelligence solutions, Search Engine web interface and Social Media Analytics tools. Being visualization keystone for any big data strategy, our team provides customers with cutting-edge technologies, the best search solutions, accessible and actionable insights along with Visual Analytics strategic guidelines and methodologies.

SDG's best practice in this area include:

  • Advanced Data Visualization

  • Enterprise Search Engines

  • BI & Search Portals

  • Web and Mobile Analytical applications

  • Communication & Collaboration Processes

  • Social Media Analytics solutions


Social Intelligence & SEO

As people are more and more connected, Big Data strategy provides insights into users and customers behaviour and habits. Integration of social media analytics with traditional BI processes and workflows makes social listening, scoring and profiling available to business analysts: 3 powerful tools to achieve business returns from digital marketing initiatives.


Visual Analytics & Discovery

Nowadays data volume grows at an amazing speed, and a holistic approach combining visualization, human interaction, and analytics, is required to achieve valuable business insights. Visual Analytics methodologies allow to turn Big Data into knowledge, understand customer behavior, optimize and improve business processes.


Mobile App

Internet of Things and digital-aware individuals require both that any relevant data is available anytime on any device supporting our decision-making processes, either as consumers or business users. Mobile BI dashboards can aggregate big data volumes into valuable insights through user-friendly apps on any mobile device.