Global supply chains are currently facing high demands and major changes in consumer spending habits. Workforces are being told to stay home, suppliers are increasing costs, and consumers are purchasing essentials items in bulk but being conservative in the rest of their spending.

Supply chains are complex under normal circumstances, but because of the disruption of recent times, it’s even more difficult for business to gain visibility and have awareness of inventory and the associated risk of depletion.

How can you be a hero in the face of disruption by helping your organization overcome these challenges?  

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn data-driven strategies that will empower your supply chain.

During the webinar, you will: 

  • See examples of solution designs that integrate multiple data sources to provide a holistic view of a supply chain
  • Experience AI driven alerts and broadcast data to the edge of your organization that will accelerate time to insights for all users
  • View use cases from SDG that leverage your available technology to evolve workflows and processes
  • Find out how to uncover insights that are needed to react to market changes, customer demand, weather or seasonality in the most cost-effective way
  • Learn how to balance customer demand with supply, to ensure you have the right inventory, at the right locations at the right time, in full supply

Featured Technologies include: Snowflake (Cloud Data Warehouse), Qlik Sense (Front-end Analytics), and RoxAI (Automated Communication.)