A special virtual meeting to say goodbye to an extraordinary 2020 and cheers to new beginnings and opportunities in 2021!

We said farewell to a year of new international growth opportunities and adapting to a different reality. 

Our annual #SDGWIM20 hosted completely virtual in each country was a new chance to share our business milestones, career promotions, and team awards of 2020.

This year was an extraordinary year for everyone. SDG Group responded to the 2020 disruption with a plan for each country to work safely at home and taking on new projects to empower data with AI to address the COVID-19 crisis in Telemedicine. The result was the development of our new application, DocDot, recognized by The World Health Organization for being one of the most innovative digital health solutions globally. In addition, we launched the application, VirtualSigns&Care, one of the most revolutionary innovations in preventive healthcare for Generali Deutschland.

This year was also highlighted by our participation in our technology partner's virtual global events and online recruiting sessions with our academic alliances. 

What’s next in 2021? We will increase our presence on the global market as an Analytics Authority through new projects, partnerships, and alliances, expand our “Made in SDG” solutions in the market, and empower our teams to maximize their potential.

 We are looking forward to new chances and challenges in 2021.

Stay safe and Keep Moving Forward.

Dec 22, 2020