Customer Lifecycle Management for SDG is a multimodel framework to help companies increase the value of their customers.

Effective customer lifecycle management can enable powerful customer interaction actions that power significant business growth and profitability.

Driving customer lifetime value through deep analytics. We help clients quickly integrate massive amounts of disparate and new sources of data through analytics.

The Customer Lifetime Value is a well-known problem in the Marketing Analytics, and it’s aimed to express the Value to Segment Customers based on Purchasing Behavior.

Customer past spent + (Repurchase Probability % x Value Model) = Customer Value

RFM is a score that relies on Recency (time since last purchase), Frequency (number of visits), and Monetary (total spent across all visits) that predicts future behaviours and can be used to group customers by future value.

SDG’s CLTV initiatives are 3 main steps projects:

  • Data Discovery: Other Source Data to integrate into the present model;

  • Data Integration: Ensure data availability in the data environment of the data sources;

  • Data Model: Build a Customer Lifetime Value Model leveraging data integrated both owned or new.