May 19, 2019

May 22, 2019
Baveno, Lake Maggiore - Baveno

Nowadays lots of hypes exists in the BI/CPM market, like Big or Smart Data, IoT, AI, Cloud, Machine Learning, etc. All of them have their right to exist and will have an important impact on how we will work in the future.

Classical topics like integrated planning processes - e.g. S&OP - are apparently decreasing their momentum. However, there is still a huge potential to optimize companies planning processes, with a direct bottom line effect, bridging all relevant departments, reaching a real end-to-end integration, maximizing the added value for the customer.

“S&OP – the Journey from Strategy to Execution” is the title of the speech that Sören Moorahrend, Managing Partner at SDG Group Germany, will hold on May 20that Boardville 2019 in Baveno, Lake Maggiore – Italy. As a Platinum Sponsor, SDG Group will take part in the event to share best practices and innovative ideas focusing on Digital Finance Transformation and Sales & Operations Planning.

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