One of Ashfield Healthcare's clients came to them with a challenge: 

« Grow the market share of a prescription medicine in a 100-day selling-cycle »

In order to master the challenge, they knew they needed an agile analytics solution to empower the client with a data-driven strategy. 

Access the on-demand success story to take a deep-dive into the five key pillars that helped Ashfield and its client achieve market share objectives through the power of data:

  • An agile, flexible platform 

  • An easy to use solution for non-technical users 

  • Collaboration and feedback from users 

  • Training programs to accelerate adoption  

  • A strategy for using analytics to drive user behavior

"The user adoption was off the charts. We gave users a product that allowed them to do their job and achieve the performance and activity goals we were seeking."
- Stanley Braxton, Senior Vice President, Business Insights
Ashfield Healthcare