What should decision support platforms look like for enterprises? Currently one of the hottest topics in the world of data and #ModernDataStack - Data Lakes? Data Mesh? Lakehouse? First and foremost, these systems must facilitate the integration of the diversity of information sources a company has available and puta value on the data to make it exploitable and understandable by those who base their decisions on the data. In essence, they must serve a clear purpose to facilitate understanding of data for business analysts and analytical units. How can we tackle this task? We introduce you to Ensemble Logical Models, the family to which techniques such as Data Vault or Anchor Modelling, among others, belong.


To be a Data-Driven company, there must be an open conversation between the business and technical areas. Making this communication fluid and orderly is a critical aspect that SDG prioritizes in our projects. We bring you a talk with Genesee Academy. We talk about how the Ensemble Logical Models, one of the innovative strategies of the sector, provides us with facilitating tools in this communication when it comes to shaping and modeling the information domains of a large organization. How? Using the language and priorities of the business itself and preventing the technical context.


Flexible, adaptable to change, agile, and with a clear orientation to the exploitation by the business units, Ensemble Logical Models are the centerpiece of the agile techniques associated with the world of data warehouses and facilitators of the interaction between business domain experts and technical experts in data platforms.


We hope you enjoy this talk!