This year, SDG Group USA attended the Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour events in New York City and Chicago. This article provides a recap of both events.

The Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour brought to light many of the newest and most innovative use cases for attendees to learn from and apply to their businesses. These use cases demonstrated the value of data democratization, data sharing, concepts like data mesh, accelerated integration capabilities, new features (like Snowpark for Python), and how companies gain deeper insights using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

SDG Group was a sponsor of these events in New York City and Chicago, where 1000+ attendees tuned into the latest and greatest news surrounding the Data Cloud—with SDG hosting a breakout session in NYC. Each event began with keynote speaker Christian Kleinerman, Snowflake's SVP of Product, laying out the schedule for the day, and reviewing recent market trends and Snowflake's latest news and new features.

The partner's exhibit area was filled with attendees visiting the SDG Group booth as well as complementary technology partners to Snowflake that provide integration, data science, analytics, data security, and other capabilities.

In NYC, SDG Senior Executive Matt Giroux gave an in-depth presentation alongside our technology partner Immuta. The presentation highlighted how large organizations need to control access to Snowflake across data clouds. In addition, Matt explained how Immuta's Data Access Platform, coupled with Snowflake's technology, can empower users to efficiently scale data security and governance practices through a modern data mesh architecture. This strategy emphasizes building a data governance program across multiple business sectors that can work for everyone. 

The breakout sessions addressed topics from speeding up data pipelines and harnessing the power of machine learning with Snowflake, to optimizing costs and building the right strategy to maximize business value. These sessions also demonstrated how Snowflake's Data Cloud Technology can be leveraged in different industries like consumer packaged goods, retail, life sciences, and financial services.


"As a Blue Square sponsor for these events, we can demonstrate expertise in Snowflakes Data Cloud technology," said Chris Ferrara, Partner of SDG Group USA. "These events are a great way for us to show our capabilities and knowledge in the market, and we look forward to sponsoring these in the future. In a market characterized by rapid innovation and change, our partnerships with organizations like Snowflake, Immuta, Dataiku, Matillion and others enable us to fully meet the needs of both current and new clients."


We're excited to bring our Data & Analytics expertise to the forefront to help our clients realize the significant benefits that can be derived from modern cloud-based approaches to data and analytics leveraging platforms like Snowflake and complementary technologies. An organization's agility is paramount to adapting quickly to market changes, both internally and externally. A unique combination of business domain expertise and state-of-the-art technologies delivered by industry-leading talent enables SDG Group to provide optimal solutions to customers.


If you want to learn more about the sessions, or how to accelerate your journey to the Snowflake Data Cloud, we can be reached at:


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Oct 19, 2022