Last month, SDG Group organized a collaborative Data & Analytics symposium at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. The event featured industry leaders sharing best practices and innovations throughout the analytics maturity curve.

It was an amazing opportunity to bring together a variety of Data-Driven professionals and share knowledge about Data Management, Data Discovery, AI and Predictive Analytics with main topics on:

  • Preparation · Best practices on data quality, location / access and operability
  • Adoption · What is the impact on the organizational culture?
  • Action · How can analytics increase revenue and grow your organization?
  • Future · How businesses are embracing AI / Machine Learning for advanced, predictive analytics

Learn more about our speakers’ insights: 

According to Viktoria Friedman  (Enterprise Data / BI Leader, Life Sciences Industry), 90% of the data in the world has been created in the last two years. Also 70% of data in an enterprise is unstructured. These statistics reinforce that organizations are becoming more and more concerned about data in all its various forms. Afterall, data is everywhere. In order for enterprises to thrive, the priority relies on:  Data Literacy; Assessment of the Data Lakes and Focusing on Data Governance.  

John Bunn (Director CRM Center of Excellence, CSL Behring) shared how SDG Group and Qlik help them with the process from being reactive to proactive in Data Analytics. He points out technical issues are always very important, but the most complex challenge across the globe is related to education. It’s all about how to create a general awareness about data, sources and technology. Additionally, he explores how to interpret data (data literacy), what insights you can derive and which resources can help you. Lastly, John stresses the importance of creating and empowering teams with Governance and Power Users/Advocates.  

Tobias Ditzel (Director, Data Robot) was the final presentation of the afternoon.  There was much excitement around the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  Tobias began his speech by providing simple definitions of AI as “Systems able to perform tasks that ordinarily require human intelligence” and Machine Learning as “Learning from the past to predict the future”.  Although the Data Scientist role is scarce in most companies, there are plenty of ways to identify opportunities for AI to exist in your business.  Tobias concluded by outlining the best strategies you need to get started.

After the presentations and panel discussions, it was time for baseball! The speakers and attendees were together for the Philadelphia Phillies vs. Washington Nationals game, a good way to enjoy post-meeting networking with industry peers. Although the hometown Phillies did not win the game, there were plenty of smiles and great conversation had by all who attended. 


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Oct 16, 2018