Recognized for our response to the COVID-19 crisis and how we're leading in the "Next Normal" through the power of Data & Analytics.

For the second year in a row, Analytics Insight has named SDG Group in its annual "Most Innovative Companies" list. Our 2020 recognition is due to the following factors: 


• Mitigating the Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis 

When the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the world, SDG Group looked for opportunities to use its data and analytics expertise to help. We collaborated with global healthcare experts and used the latest technologies to develop, DocDot, a revolutionary AI-assisted remote diagnosis app, recognized by The World Health Organization (WHO) for being one of the most innovative digital health solutions worldwide. 

We also worked together with the Red Cross on its "Red Cross RESPONDS Plan” that takes action to address COVID-19 in all affected areas of society; emergencies, health, social inclusion, education, employment, and the environment. We deployed an Open Data Platform that made data centralized and current, and the actions of the Red Cross transparent to the public and key stakeholders.


• Helping Clients Overcome New Challenges

In addition to assisting in healthcare and nonprofit organizations, SDG Group has been managing the pandemic's impact on our clients. We’ve been helping them create new strategies and solutions to thrive in the "next normal."  

Our focus has been on the following areas: 


•  Innovating the Data Value Chain to Accelerate Business Insights 

SDG Group innovates the entire Data Value Chain in order to turn data into transformative insights. For this reason, our services offerings support the full lifecycle of data: Strategy & Transformation, Analytics Infrastructure, Data Management, Business Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Performance Management, and Business Insights. 

It's a well-known SDG principle to avoid "copying and pasting.”  That means a solution that worked for one client may not work for another and we should always bring an innovation to every project. This core belief results in unique, next-level solutions for every client.


•  Position as Global Market Leaders 

Over the last decade, we have been named a key consulting firm in the Gartner Market Scope for Europe, and a Global Representative Vendor in Gartner's Market Guide for Data & Analytics Service Providers, which includes only 37 companies worldwide. 

We’ve also been awarded regularly by our technology partners, such as SAP, Celonis, Board, Snowflake, and Qlik for our execution, quality, and excellence in our implementations.


•  Envisioning The Future Possibilities

SDG Group is a firm that envisions new possibilities with data. Each year, we name the industry trends that will have the biggest impact. This year, the most significant will come from the lasting effects of COVID-19 and the 10 Data & Analytics Trends we named for 2020.


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Oct 26, 2020