Leading with Intelligence: How 2024’s Trends Are Reshaping the AI and Data Realm

SDG Group, a leading Data & Analytics consulting firm, has published its Data, Analytics & AI Trends for 2024 report, detailing the most impactful technologies and advancements that will define the industry over the next year. With insights drawn from SDG Group's team of expert data scientists and experts, the report aims to help organizations stay ahead of emerging trends and develop robust data strategies.

"As we unveil our Data, Analytics & AI trends for 2024, we are excited to share insights that not only reflect the current state of these dynamic fields but also chart a course for future innovations,” commented Alejandro Martinez, CEO of SDG Group US & Canada. “This report is the culmination of our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancement and our dedication to empowering businesses and communities with actionable, forward-looking intelligence. We believe that understanding these trends is crucial for any organization looking to thrive in an increasingly data-driven world."

The report covers the following key trends in the Data, Analytics & AI space:


1. Hyper Automation of the Construction of Data Fabrics

The concept of Hyper Automation in the Construction of Data Fabrics will evolve to employ more advanced and integrated automation technologies, significantly streamlining the process of creating and managing interconnected data systems.


2. The Gen AI Catalyst

The surge of generative AI, led by models like DALL-E 2, GPT-3, and Stable Diffusion, is set to enhance legacy AI approaches from 2024 onwards, with its capacity to create original images, text, videos, and audio opening up a wide range of applications.


3. The New Transactional Analytics

The accelerated adoption of HTAP, which allows analytical queries on live transactional data within the same database, will streamline analytics across various industries, reducing data movement and outdated batch reporting.


4. Trustworthy & Admissible AI

As AI's role in critical decision-making grows, regulatory bodies will require greater algorithmic transparency and bias detection, prompting organizations to adopt comprehensive AI governance policies, ethics frameworks, and technical tools to ensure trustworthiness and compliance.


5. Intelligence-Enriched Business Applications

The integration of predictive analytics and AI into core business software will become a standard industry practice, embedding intelligence directly into transactional applications that drive operations.


6. AI-Enhanced ESG

The use of AI and Advanced Analytics to extract insights from Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data will become crucial for organizations, not only making it a standard practice for measuring progress and impact but also enhancing the reliability of sustainability reporting.


7. A New Dawn for Business Intelligence

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the concept of business intelligence (BI) is transforming, moving beyond structured data and traditional enterprise search limitations to embrace the full range of digital assets.


8. Modern Data Platforms 

Modern data platforms are expected to evolve into more integrated, intelligent systems, leveraging advanced AI and machine learning capabilities for enhanced real-time analytics, greater scalability, and improved data governance, among other benefits.


9. The Next Leap in Artificial Intelligence

This trend encapsulates a multitude of significant advancements poised to redefine the AI and machine learning landscape, heralding a surge of innovation and transformative potential.


The report also details the business impacts of each trend and technology, from enabling faster and more complex analysis, to democratizing data access across the enterprise. It also offers recommendations on how organizations can leverage these innovations through updated strategies, skill building, and technology investments.

To learn more about the transformative trends that will reshape Data, Analytics & AI in 2024, download the full trends report from SDG here.



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Nov 24, 2023