Qlik, one of our valued partners, recently announced their intention to acquire Talend, a modern data management tool that offers data integration, integrity, governance, quality, stewardship, catalog, and lineage capabilities.

This acquisition would bring together Qlik and Talend “with a shared focus on adding value to data to deliver business outcomes for customers.” 


Talend’s Capabilities 

Talend’s platform works with virtually any data source and data architecture, giving businesses flexibility when it comes to improving data quality and deriving valuable insights. Talend aims to make data useful for all organizations by enabling better data agility, data culture, and data trust. With Talend’s platform, end-users can spend less time integrating and preparing data and more time analyzing and developing solutions. From a data integration perspective, the platform supports data replication and foundational data engineering into data lakes or warehouses. It also enables more business-oriented power users and citizen data scientists to engineer data at the application level, resulting in data preparation and engineering that is more targeted to address specific advanced predictive business use cases and outcomes. 


How Does Talend Complement Qlik? 

Both Talend and Qlik are cloud-oriented companies. The acquisition of Talend will help Qlik customers better integrate and prepare their data in almost any cloud, on-premise, or hybrid database before pulling the data into Qlik’s analytics environment. This capability will help Qlik customers align their application architectures with best practices. By moving the business logic to the database, end-users can create a common framework of data to support all technologies, not just Qlik. This acquisition would ultimately enable Qlik to support more data integration and engineering use cases than they could in the past. 


How Does this Acquisition Impact SDG and Our Clients?

SDG is a Gold Partner with Talend, and an Elite Partner with Qlik. Our teams can advise clients on the capabilities and best approaches to implementing each of these technologies, either separately, together, or in tandem with other tools and software. With the acquisition of Talend, our clients will be able to benefit from more robust end-to-end capabilities, cost savings/efficiencies related to processes and operations, and data lineage from analytics back to source systems. With Talend, Qlik could provide industry-leading capabilities across the entire data and analytics process, including ingestion, engineering, governance, visual analytics, search, and advanced and predictive use cases.      

Chris Ferrara, Partner at SDG Group USA, commented on the news of the potential acquisition: 

“For Qlik, the acquisition of Talend will strengthen their brand in the data space, moving them from a company that is known as a Visual company with some capabilities in the data world, to a full data and analytics company that can address many complex data ingestion and engineering use cases in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment.”

The acquisition is anticipated to officially close during the first half of 2023 following council consultation and customer regulatory approvals. 


About SDG Group

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Mar 15, 2023