SDG Group named “Innovation Company of the Month” and one of the "10 Next Generation BI & Analytics Companies in 2019" by Analytics Insight 

This recognition is due to our proficiency in bringing innovation in all projects we pursue, our ability to drive enterprise growth and performance with our in-depth data and analytics expertise, and because of these key factors: 


• We believe in Data As Transformational Assets (“D.A.T.A.”)

We regard data as the most transformational asset of our clients, making the result of our projects a core and sustainable differentiator. 

• A Company Driven by Values 

Managing the company by values is key to ensure that our team, from leadership to entry-level are working towards the same common goals, and with the same approach and methodology. We create an environment led by Meritocracy and powered by Teamwork to avoid working as individuals in order to maximize efficiency. Client Success is a priority and we believe that client satisfaction alone is not enough. The adoption and the success of what we do, is not based on invoicing every hour, but by building relationships and the value we generate. We are also devoted to finding opportunities to innovate and improve services, technologies, and solutions.  


• Innovation Powered by Triple Expertise

One of our well-known principles is to avoid “copying and pasting”, or doing things the same way, and to always bring a small innovation in every project. Our business model, mixing management consulting, industry knowledge, and data & analytics expertise, is what we call our "Triple Expertise” that makes us different. 

Supporting the development of new and outstanding technologies available in the market; through cutting-edge laboratories, alliances with renowned academic institutions, and investing in pioneer technological startups, leading them to become global and solid market references is also a priority. 

Lastly, we promote the idea of SDG Labs, to create spaces for innovation where we can participate, act as advisors, and fund new starting business. Recently, we opened an Innovation Hub in New Jersey, aiming to create an innovation playground for our consultants and clients.

 Insights into the Future 

We provide Data Literacy and Data Culture resources to our online community. This year, we identified 9 Data & Analytics trends for 2019, and we believe all organizations need to put these trends into their strategy to successfully face the business landscape of tomorrow. Read the Complete Article and Download the e-Book


• Remarkable Awards and Accomplishments 

For the last two years, Gartner selected SDG Group as a Global Data & Analytics Representative Vendor.

In parallel, we have been awarded and recognized by the Analytics industry and technology partners such as SAP, Celonis, Board, Snowflake, and Qlik because of our execution, quality, and excellence in implementations.


Read more about our recognition from Analytics Insight. 
Nov 12, 2019