Snowflake is innovating the Data & Analytics market, which aligns with our mission at SDG Group. We always bring the best of the best to our clients to enable them to become data-driven enterprises.

That's why this year, we were Exhibitors Sponsors of Snowflake Summit, the annual global user conference on June 8-10. As sponsors, we showcased how we unlock and maximize the value of Snowflake's Data Cloud with our Data & Analytics solutions. If you didn't get a chance to visit our booth, or if you need a recap, we have the highlights for you. 


Accelerating Business Value with the Snowflake Data Cloud

As an Elite Snowflake Services Partner, we help companies get to business value faster with Snowflake. We shared how we do this with migration services and boosting data management to leveraging AI and developing solutions throughout the entire data value chain. 


You can learn about the Services, Labs, and Managed Service Platforms we offer to help you get the most from Snowflake's powerful platform here

Snowpark Accelerated Program 

We have been selected to join the Snowpark Accelerated Program, a new developer experience that allows data engineers, data scientists, and developers to write code in their preferred language and execute Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based workloads directly within Snowflake. 

Snowpark allows us to extend our solutions and incorporate AI and Machine Learning capabilities specific to both technical and business use cases, reducing complexity and adding transformative value for our clients.

Watch the demo of our Snowpark solution that uses Machine Learning within Snowflake to analyze customer sentiment and predict customer satisfaction.

How Novartis Drives Faster Insights Using Snowflake 

See our story of success with Novartis and learn how they can deliver traditional and machine-driven insights to business users across home-office, field sales, digital engagement, and patient services with leading cloud-based data and analytics technologies like Snowflake and Dataiku here


You can meet with our team to learn how to accelerate your journey to the Snowflake Data Cloud and make the most out of the platform with our services and solutions. Get in touch with us at



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Jun 10, 2021