Acknowledged for our work in accelerating strategies and business value through Cloud & AI-Powered Data & Analytics.

For the third year in a row, SDG Group is named a "Big Data Analytics Company of the Year" By Analytics Insight. Several factors led to this achievement:


Using the Cloud, AI, and ML as Enablers for Business Transformation:

Each year, we create a list of the Top Data & Analytics Trends business leaders should prioritize. This year’s report spotlights Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) as enablers of business transformation. We provide our perspectives on these trends, and we also develop solutions and establish partnerships that put our clients ahead of the trends to prepare them for the future of business. 


Driving Long Term Value for Clients:

Our teams devote themselves to seeking opportunities to innovate and improve. For this reason, we participate in Gartner Peer Insights to reinforce the value we provide and collect the feedback we need from clients. 


In addition to our dedication to our practices and solutions, we create a peer and expert network for discussing strategies, technology, and challenges through our D.A.T.A. (Data as a Transformational Asset" Society. We also develop content that helps companies improve data literacy and culture with Club CDOIDC, and academic institutions. 


Position as Global Leaders in Data & Analytics:

Our approach and clients' success have led us to be named a Global Representative Vendor in Gartner's Market Guide for Data & Analytics Service Providers. Furthermore, in this past year, we've been acknowledged by the World Health Organization (WHO)Forbes, and About Pharma for our AI-assisted remote diagnosis app, DocDot, which allows doctors to track patients' vital signs virtually and detect COVID-19 symptoms with medical-grade accuracy.


Innovating to Improve Society 

In addition to developing DoctDot, we've been honored to develop impactful solutions and provide our services to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) like the Red Cross to power its mission-critical initiatives, such as its open data platform developed in response to COVID-19.  


Read the full article to get more details about our position as a 2021 "Big Data Analytics Company of the Year." 
Jul 29, 2021