We recently held a successful analytics event in tandem with one of our technology partners, Qlik, at our corporate headquarters in Bedminster, NJ.

The event garnered attendees from leading manufacturing, life sciences, and communications organizations. 

The agenda included a wide-ranging introductory discussion on the latest trends in the market, such as AI, Auto ML, Self-Service 2.0, and Service Architectures. Some of the topics covered included Data Culture, Advanced Analytics methodologies and roadmaps, and use cases based on our customer experiences.

Qlik presented a hands-on workshop focused on their cloud based offering, Qlik Sense® SaaS. Qlik Sense® offers modern capabilities for active and augmented analytics, automation using ML, and third party platform integration. Qlik also discussed migration considerations for moving from on-prem/client-managed solutions to the SaaS Cloud, as well as their end-to-end platform, which includes data analytics, data integration, and catalog capabilities.

If you'd like to know more about this event, see the content presented, or learn about arranging a similar event at either one of our locations or your company office, contact us today.

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Dec 01, 2022